About Break7eventy

The Tech

Advanced Green Reading Powered by Elite Sensors 

Our tech-enhanced insoles are powered by cutting-edge sensor modules that measure multiple data points every second at your feet to calculate more than 30 metrics to improve your golf game and your life. When connected to our easy-to-use BRK70 Golf app, you can easily access all these metrics and more from your smartphone.  

Here’s what makes our tech special:  

    • Reads the slope of the green.
    • Determines an exact aiming target.
    • Calculates putting speed. 
    • Measures both linear and rotational motion in 3D. 
    • Tracks key moving metrics on the course. 
    • Provides up to 20 hours of battery life. 
    • Protects the sensor modules when they are inside the insole with IP-67 waterproofing. 
    • Supports users up to 330 pounds (150 kg). 
    • Determines when insoles need to be replaced due to wear.
    • Measures putt and off-green distance. 

    Let’s Make a Connection 

    Our elite sensors connect to either iPhone or Android phones via the BRK70 Golf App using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Internet connectivity is NOT required when out practicing or playing a round. The only time you need to be connected to the Internet is when setting up your account and modules the first time and after you are done playing to save your reports for later review. New software features and improvements will also be delivered silently over the air to the modules while connected to the app.  


    Powered by Baliston Technology 

    Baliston integrates cutting-edge technology into footwear,transforming conventional shoes into advanced instruments to enhance health, performance, and comfort.Baliston’s technology is used by more than 1,500 practitioners worldwide for personalized movement analysis for health and sports applications. Starting in 2023, Baliston launched its first line of consumer footwear to help users walk more and walk better, as well as started integrating its technology into other brands’ footwear.