About Break7eventy

What We’re About

Believe it. Become it. 

We all set personal limitations on ourselves and we’re here to help you do better today than yesterday.  

Our Mission

Help golfers exceed what they thought possible.

Message From Founder: Sam El Mashtoub

When your passion for something becomes a driving force, incredible things unfold. I feel immense gratitude for the chance to partake in this extraordinary game. I strongly believe that dedicating oneself to pursuits with genuine passion sets the stage for remarkable achievements. It’s a matter of holding onto your dreams and embracing the conviction that you can accomplish anything. 

In my journey to enhance my golf skills and break the seventy threshold, I devised a scientifically precise method for reading greens in any situation. The pursuit of improvement in putting has transformed my game, bringing me closer to the realization of my dream. My wish for you is that you too may attain all your dreams and goals, both on and off the golf course.

Dream. Believe. Achieve. 

What We’re About

Our Values


We believe that with the right advanced analytics tools and mindset, every putt becomes a moment of triumph, every green an opportunity for success, every day a chance for greatness.


We’re all about calculated precision and relentless advancement. We don’t just understand our customers’ search for exceptional quality, we also anticipate and then create it. 

Get Better Every Day:

Mediocrity has no place here. We’re all about improving our customers’ focus and elevating their game from the first hole to the last.


Whatever we dream, we hold it true to our hearts and trust we will accomplish it. When we believe we can, we do. 

For those who believe they can.

It’s something that must be worked toward day after day throughout life. It’s a combination of hard work, strong belief in yourself, and small accomplishments that, added together, make something big. We know breaking 70 is a feat achieved by only an elite group of golfers, but we believe everyone should have something greater to aspire toward, practice, and accomplish every day. For some that may be breaking 70 on the course, for others it may just be making it onto the green.  

From our proprietary technology to our finely crafted apparel and footwear, everything we produce at BRK70 is created to propel you forward no matter what level you play at or where you are on your life’s journey. 

Designed by golfers for golfers. 

After 30-plus years of playing golf, BRK70 founder Samir (Sam) El Mashtoub, is on a quest to break 70 and along that journey, conceived a revolutionary way for reading greens and putting that would help shave strokes off his game. While it wasn’t easy, he ran with the idea, and BRK70’s first golf tech product was created. His belief that it could be done despite the challenges and hurdles, along with determination and trust in himself made his idea a successful reality. That’s exactly what BRK70 is here to do for our customers.   

We’re here to change how you experience your journey in golf and life, giving you the opportunity, motivation, and skills to surpass what you previously saw as limits and change your perception about who you are and who you can be. Our advanced golf technology will elevate your skills and help you improve your health on and off the course. Our premium clothing and hi-tech footwear will make you look and feel like a pro, ready to take on whatever challenges may come your way along the course or off.  

We want you to believe in yourself just a little bit more every day. It’s time to exist in your greatness.